The Quiet Period

A little quiet ’round here lately — it’s a busy time of year leading up to the big NAB convention in Las Vegas, which I cover for Film & Video. Anyway, Grindhouse good (but dead in the water at U.S. theaters), The Reaping not good (but nicely photographed with good digital locusts), Shooter entertainingly absurd (with a comic-book style appreciation of cheap thrills and a fun but inconsequential macho/anti-authoritarian streak), Hot Fuzz intermittently hilarious (but too often as tedious as the turgid action movies it slavishly parodies).

I had intended to write, in honor of Grindhouse, a roundup of some of the Something Weird DVD double features I’ve enjoyed over the years. Maybe someday. For now, here’s a Jarvis Cocker video that dovetails nicely with the car ambush scene from Children of Men, which featured his Running the World over the end credits.


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