Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience

I’ve totally reviewed Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience for Film Freak Central.

In their cutesy, aw-shucks hijinks offstage, these kids may ape The Beatles, who represented the beginning of the modern rock era, but it’s quite possible that the Jonas Brothers represent the tail-end of rock culture. Delivered into the homes of America via cable-TV, they are a group of squeaky-clean, enthusiastically unthreatening, market-focused popsters, their surname so synonymous with state-of-the-art fun that the name above the title is Walt Disney’s.

U2 3D


You could make a case for U2 as the most overdocumented rock

group in recent history. Not only does ample concert footage exist from each

period in the band’s evolution (starting with 1983’s Red Rocks video, Under a

Blood Red Sky, which established the band as a premier arena act), but the band

even had its own theatrically released rockumentary, Rattle and Hum, back in

1988. Some two decades later, the band has a somewhat longer-toothed demeanor —

there’s nothing in U23D that’s as fiery as Bono’s famous “Fuck the revolution!”

declaration (directed at the IRA during a performance of “Sunday Bloody

Sunday”) from Rattle and Hum, and the band slides easily into a formidable but

ultimately comfortable groove. If you’re looking for moments of real excitement

or spontaneity in performance, well, you’ll certainly have to look to a band

with a less rigorously choreographed sound-and-light show.

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