Children of Men (2006)

Children of Men image

Easy to watch and hard to shake, Children of Men is an action-adventure film/socio-political nightmare. The fuel that makes the engine run is a dystopian conceit about human infertility on a sudden, species-wide scale — and the violence and despair that ensues. The opening sequence depicts a terrorist bombing of a coffee shop, followed by a woman wandering out of the smoking rubble carrying her severed arm, just before the title card appears on screen.

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Great Expectations

Gwyneth Paltrow nude in Great Expectations

Magical or hokey, depending on your point of view, Alfonso Cuarón’s new version of Great Expectations is another reinvented classic for the age of MTV. Of course, this version bears little resemblance to the original Dickens. Even some of the names have been changed. God help me, I kind of enjoyed it despite its failings, although I certainly wouldn’t recommend it.

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