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Because I’m a web-stats nerd, I find it amusing and sometimes instructive to see which Google search terms actually bring traffic to my site. Per Google Analytics, here are the top 10 queries that landed web browsers at for calendar 2011, sorted by the landing pages Googlers most often clicked through to. I will say this: the stuff you think people will search for, they don’t necessarily search for. I have no idea why anybody would end up here, for example, after searching for “waiting.” (Around 40 people did.) But nipples are an enduring favorite. (It was not a mistake to build an explanation of aspect ratios and theatrical exhibition around Keira Knightley’s nipples. Never bet against nipples, I say.)

1) “nipples [with innumerable modifiers]”

2) “keira knightley [nude, nipple, porn, ass, wet, etc.]”

3) “breaking the waves”

4) “twins of evil”

5) “laura gemser”

6) “leaving las vegas”

7) videodrome

8) “easy a [emma stone, corset, outfits, hot, etc.]”

9) “fifth element”

10) “private parts”

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