Pitchfork’s “Awesome” Music Videos

PItchfork links to 100 “awesome” music videos at YouTube. Most of them are, in fact, pretty awesome. Since there’s not a chance in hell of anyone getting a chance to legally compile a collection of this scope, well, viva the Internet bootlegs.

Off the top of my head, I’d add the following:

Jonathan Demme’s video for New Order’s “Perfect Kiss”

The Flaming Lips’ “Turn It On”

Monster Magnet’s “Spacelord”

When is The Industry going to figure out a way to make shit like this happen legally, and for a reasonable price? I mean, come on — two bucks to buy a music video at sub-VHS quality just so you can watch it on your iPod? At that rate, the Pitchfork list would run you $200, and that’s just silly. Carry on.

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