Link Dump #4

I can only hope that reports of Mike D’Angelo’s death are, once again, greatly exaggerated. Even if they come from Mike D’Angelo himself.

Not movie-related, but kinda fascinating, I’d think, for content geeks of any stripe: A Usenet-based team of music obsessives — known, apparently, as The Whitburn Project — has been not only working on creating a huge (illegal) archive of post-1890 pop songs, but also maintaining a huge spreadsheet database of song data, including song length, BPM, label, and more. Andy Baio ( is running the numbers. Today, Baio charts average song duration over time, but promises more to come.

Zhang Ziyi appears in a Mercedes commercial. In China.

Check out this slideshow: Liberty City vs. New York City. What’s especially interesting is, at low resolution, it’s sometimes hard to tell the live-action shots from the videogame grabs.


From the Flickr comments on this image: “Last night I blew up a cab with my rocket launcher here. Bodies were everywhere.”

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