Kevin Smith v. Joel Siegel

Cardinal rule of movie-going: shut your fucking mouth while the movie’s playing.

Kevin Smith takes Joel Siegel to task for walking out midway through a screening of Clerks II. Smith manages to get Siegel on the phone, on the radio, and rips into him. (There’s a link to an MP3, which is uncomfortable enough to make the whole hubbub a little bit interesting, at the bottom of the post linked above.) God only knows why Siegel stays on the line — stammering out a half-hearted defense of his apparently noisy departure — once it dawns on him exactly what’s happening.

2 Replies to “Kevin Smith v. Joel Siegel”

  1. Agreed. I actually started to feel bad for Siegel about midway through the conversation/ambush, as Smith just refused to let up.

    Hey Kev, anxious much?

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