Four-Disc Dust Devil Coming on DVD

devil.jpgBill Chambers was kind enough to send me word earlier in the summer of an impending exhaustive, four-disc (!) version of Dust Devil coming from Subversive Cinema. (I wrote about this and its predecessor, Hardware, at Cinemarati in December.) You might think the last thing the world needs is a fuggin’ four-DVD version of what amounts to a solid B horror movie, cult following or no. But it looks definitive — sure, it’s got the two versions of the film, with audio commentary and a “featurette.” But it’s also got several unrelated documentaries by director Richard Stanley, on the subjects of Afghanistan, Haitian voodoo, and the search for the Holy Grail. Of course it’s possible they all suck. But maybe not. And it can’t help but be a big upgrade from the German DVD I picked up at Mondo Kim’s on St. Mark’s last year. For $29.95, I think I’ll take the chance. Scarecrow Video has it listed as a 9/26 release and is taking pre-orders.

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