My review of Felon on Blu-ray Disc is online at filmfreakcentral.net:

If Jeffrey Lebowski had made a few wrong turns in life–if, let’s say,

he had brutally murdered some very bad men, as well as their

families–he may have turned out not entirely unlike John Smith, the

hulkingly mellow convict played by a moustachioed, goateed Val Kilmer

in Felon. Judging from the wide berth the rest of the inmates

give him, Smith is known as the silent-but-deadly type. Kilmer plays

him from behind a whole bunch of prison tattoos with a steely glare,

but also with a kind of openness that doesn’t immediately compute.

Although he’s tagged as a sociopath, he’s really just the opposite. He

believes in justice, and he longs for the death sentence he feels his

crimes deserve.

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