Feeling Bitchy

SupermanI know he’s a super-man and all that, but how much fun is a Superman who can balance a 777 on his shoulders like it was an ice-skating partner, or (SPOILER!) push an entire continent off into outer space with a piece of Kryptonite still stuck in his back? I’ll take the working-class Spider-Man any day, who stops a runaway subway car and then actually looks like he’s just been run over by, well, a runaway subway car. It’s something I can relate to.

The Shawn Colvin cover version of “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)” featured in Wordplay is probably the lamest piece of music I’ve heard all year. And I’ve been watching some VH1 Classic, so that’s saying something.

Kate Beckinsale is all wet.Is there a talented actress who’s starred in more shitty movies than Kate Beckinsale? I mean come on.

Speaking of shitty movies and the women who make them, Ultraviolet just came out on video. For some reason, I watched it. Praise Milla, when will the movies learn that there are certain things that videogames just do better? And vice versa?

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