Director Quentin Tarantino on His Relationship with the MPAA:

I have a really great relationship with the MPAA. I’ve always worked really well with them and they’ve worked well with me. I’ve never understood directors like Wes Craven or Brian De Palma who are like, “Fuck you assholes, you guys are fucking Nazis. Screw you!” Well, what the fuck do you think their response is gonna be when you treat them like that …? Everyone bitches at them when they’re wrong, but no one ever gives them credit when they’re right. I don’t see the horror fans applauding them when they give Cabin Fever an R. “Hey! Good job, MPAA!”

From “Kill Bill: Samurai Fiction: Quentin Tarantino creates the ultimate paean to grindhouse cinema”, Fangoria magazine, October 2003.

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