Christgau’s Consumer Guide: Back Again

Robert Christgau imageSure, he’s old. But I’m so very happy to see Christgau’s Consumer Guide return to the Web (at MSN Music, a site I never knew existed until Christgau showed up there) in the wake of his dismissal from the Village Voice earlier this year. And I guess I need to buy that Dylan record.

3 Replies to “Christgau’s Consumer Guide: Back Again”

  1. Will do. I think one of the big-box retailers I venture into regularly (Best Buy?) still has it for $9.99, so it’s on my list.

    I did pick up the new Ghostface Killah CD last night. I’m not expecting the nominal “sequel” to be as grand as the boisterous, violent, and occasionally nutty Fishscale, but fingers are crossed.

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