Trailer: Maps to the Stars

I spent some time looking under rocks online, trying to scare up a higher-quality version of this, but it’s the new David Cronenberg film and it looks … well, it looks pretty solid. Also, I love everyone in it except Robert Pattinson and, hell, he might even turn out OK if he keeps hanging out with the right people.

Trailer: Gone Girl


The tone of this trailer seems a little … off … somehow (what, publishing rights to Nilsson’s “Without You” were too expensive?), but I think Fincher & Co. are attempting to speak in a kind of (cynical, ironic) code to the legions who have read the (cynical, ironic) book.

Teaser: Under the Skin

About 53 seconds of WTF, plus Scarlett Johansson with her top off. Thank you, Jonathan Glazer and StudioCanal UK!

Sleigh Bells “Bitter Rivals”

Only listened to it once, but it’s Sleigh Bells and it sounds catchy. Good combo.

The Veronicas “Lolita”

Oh hey, it’s the Veronicas. They’re OK, I guess. Their friends have skull masks and rifles, right. Oh, and aliens. Toothsome, slobbering aliens. Aliens are always good. And, um, a milk bath. I don’t know what this is, exactly, but it’s worth a look.

M.I.A. “Bad Girls”

I was mixed on Romain Gavras’ previous video for M.I.A., “Born Free,” but “Bad Girls,” shot in Morocco, hits a cross-cultural sweet spot.