Sleigh Bells “Bitter Rivals”

Only listened to it once, but it’s Sleigh Bells and it sounds catchy. Good combo.

The Veronicas “Lolita”

Oh hey, it’s the Veronicas. They’re OK, I guess. Their friends have skull masks and rifles, right. Oh, and aliens. Toothsome, slobbering aliens. Aliens are always good. And, um, a milk bath. I don’t know what this is, exactly, but it’s worth a look.

Breaking Bad RPG

Four seasons of Breaking Bad rendered as an old-school console game. (Spoiler alert.)

“Robot” (by Jim Henson)

There’s a definite proto-muppet (not to mention HAL 9000) quality to the robot in this vintage short introducing business owners to the cutting-edge concept of “data communications.”

Why America Is Fucked

I love this just because this graphic-design dude obviously cares SO MUCH about this motel’s lousy signage decision. One boat against the current. If you check out the YouTube comments, the Sedalia, MO, design firm involved weighs in, but that’s more or less beside the point.