Big Screen Version

OK, I’m a sucker for bootlegs and mashups, a genre that in its contemporary incarnation was sort of pioneered by Steinski and crew, whose “Lessons 1-3” (the mirrored links on that page still seem to work) are some kind of turntablist landmarks — and whose “The Motorcade Sped On” and especially “It’s Up to You” (Real audio) are savvy outlaw takes on the mass media.

If you went on a bender involving tequila, cough syrup, and/or some kind of mild hallucinogen and kept Fox News on while you dozed in the La-Z-Boy, your cumulative experience might eventually feel something like Big Screen Version (the link leads to an embedded QuickTime video). The man with the NLE is Aaron Valdez, late of Pasadena, Texas, and now living in Iowa City. His video mix is unrelated to Steinski, but it’s pretty entertaining.

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