A brief tour of Deep-Focus.com

Here are the top 20 search terms that led people to deep-focus.com and the Deep Focus Weblog this month, linked to the pages they’re likely to lead to in a Web search. I don’t believe any further comment is necessary on my part.

1) nipples
2) “howard stern”
3) emanuelle
4) destricted
5) “private parts”
6) “funny games”
7) rent
8) “world cup death watch”
9) “don’t look now”
10) titanic
11) “scarlett johanson”
12) “breaking the waves”
13) videodrome
14) brown bunny sex scene
15) dunst
16) “wings of desire”
17) “larry clark impaled”
18) “requiem for a dream”
19) “sony lincoln square” offline
20) “tongue tornado” 

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